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What you should send us

 - The exhibition venue's name and address
For each of all your exhibitions
A - The exhibition's start and end date
B - The exhibition's title and subtitle (identical with the exhibition catalog's title)
C - All participating artists
D - All participating curators
The media to send us this information could be e.g. a Word or Excel file, PDF, photocopy of, or photographed invitation cards, exhibition catalogs.
We know this is not an easy task
We get back to you in case of questions we may have to be sure that all information is documented accurately. We help you with any research needed in case of lost information.

Don't hesitate contacting us

  for more details or any question you may have.
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All Exhibitions Update
Flat-rate 580 EUR / 665 USD

(plus VAT in case it applies)
  The flat-rate includes setting up an exhibition history timeline or to add, correct or to complete (e.g. exhibition title or curator) exhibitions already documented on, regardless how many years or time scope.
  We recommend to start with your very first exhibition of your gallery, museum, non-profit or collector's venue to allow researches and art lovers to explore in depth your profile and artists shown.
  Please send your exhibition details as specified on the left to our email support[at]
PDF 'All Exhbitions Update' service details Flat Rate

Benefit: Long-term advantage

  It might be an effort to collect all your past exhibition's information.
  Fortunately you do it only once to benefit from the long-term advantage of documenting your exhibitions with for your exhibition venue.