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Exhibition HistoryUpdate your Exhibition History

Exhibition History UpdateEscape the haystack of search engine results with our 'All Exhibitions Update' service..
Show your profile with all your exhibitions in a clear and simple structure with our exhibition history documentation. Our records start as early as 1880.
It helps in a unique way to show your valuable exhibitions profile, to discover, explore and develop the valuable connections between artists, curators and exhibition places.
Subject to fees - Pricelist on Services page.

All details about our 'All Exhbitions Update' Service as PDF Flat Rate

Exhibition AnnouncementsExhibition Announcements

Exhibition AnnouncementsAdvertise your Exhibition Event with our Exhibition Announcements.
Your Announcement is shown on four different pages:
- On the WHAT'S ON page - On exhibition venue's page - On all related artist pages - On all related curator pages.
You set up your Announcement with your text (max 1500 characters) and an image, or an embedded YouTube or vimeo video.
Your exhibition's artists and curators from your artist-info exhibition venue page are listed automatically in your Announcement.
Subject to fees - Pricelist on Services page.

Artwork Offers / RequestsArtwork Offers / Requests

Artwork OffersYour Artwork Offers or Artwork Requests are advertisements to sell artwork you own or to search artwork of a specific artist.
Your Artwork Offers or Requests are shown on three different pages:
- On the OFFERS AND REQUESTS page- On the related artist's page.- On the exhibition venue's page.
You get in direct touch with possible buyers. artist-info is not involved in any action between the person who offers and the person who is interested in or buying the artwork.
Subject to fees - Pricelist on Services page.

Artist PortfolioArtist Portfolio

Artist PortfolioArtist Portfolios add with text, up to 20 images and embedded YouTube or vimeo videos additional information to artist- info artist pages.
Checkout all Artist-Portfolios on the Artists with Portfolio page and discover new artwork.
Free of charge. Available for users registered as artist.

More Services

Newsletter Service

Reach out to our worldwide audience by using our Newsletter Service and artist- info mailing list.
Send us your Press Release and an Image and we setup a custom newsletter for you.
See examples in our Newsletter Archive. Prices can be found in the Pricelist for Professional Users at the top of this page.
artist-info NEWSLETTER subscription.


Contact us for Banner Advertisement rates.

User Backend

'What's on Your Mind' to reach out to your contacts and their buddies.
Messages feature.
'Your Favorites' feature.
Buddies feature to reach other users. Request Updating Exhibition History (artists).
Manage Exhibition History (Galleries, Museums, Non-Profit, and Collector venues).

Analytics Visualizing Art NetworksResearch and Analytics

Main Search

Part of the black menu-bar
and on artist-info homepage

artist-info home

Your search entry, preferably a significant part of your search term, will be shown in six different categories on the search result page
We found: 39 Artists
We found: 3 Curators
We found: 2 Exhibition Places
We found: 43 Exhibition Titles, which are in most cases identical with the exhibition catalog title.
We found: Artwork Offers
We found: 18 Artist-Portfolios

Advanced Search

Advanced Search

Our Advanced Search page can be used for a more specific approach
Artists in artist-info database
> List artists shown in a specific city
> Search artist by name
> List only artist with portfolio
> Artists with portfolio in the category PAINTING
> Artists with portfolio in the category SCULPTURE
> Artists with portfolio in the category PHOTOGRAPHY / E-MEDIA
> Artists with portfolio in the category INSTALLATION / PERFORMANCE
Curator in artist-info database
> List curators by city
> Search curator name
Exhibition Places in artist-info database
> List exhibition venues by city (gallery, museum, non-profit, collector)
> Search exhibition venue by name
Registered Users
> Search registered users

Filter exhibitions or exhibition catalogs

To promote your project and to support research by adding to our database
- OCLC control number,
- publisher ID,
- artist-info project ID

Exhibition Title

Looking up exhibitions of an individual artist, exhibition venue, or curator, or by exhibition title is the most common way to use artist-info.
To filter and only list solo- and group exhibitions with the participating artists in the main search result We found: 43 Exhibition Titles section by using an identifier can be very helpful for the research of artist-info users.

Examples are
- Filtering specific library holdings of exhibition catalogs (OCLC control number)
- Exhibition projects like Phenomenal: California, Light, Space, Surface, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, are using as source for their survey selected solo- and group exhibitions of a specific period.
- Stationen der Moderne, Berlinische Galerie, 1989 describes the role of 20 important exhibitions between 1910-1970. To filter and research only these 20 exhibitions and all artists by exhibition opens up new perspectives for research using artist-info database.

Visualizing Art Networks


To lookup the artists of a specific exhibition is easy to handle.
As exhibition histories of artist, exhibition venues, or curators represent individual profiles, you may want to look for your research and analysis of these profiles into many hundred if not thousands of exhibitions.
artist-info offers with a new and groundbreaking way to visualize what a table with many thousand rows could never show.

Our ARTIST-artists visualization shows the positioning of a specific artist based on her/his exhibitions in relation to all other artists in group exhibitions.
Other views are ARTIST-venues, CURATOR-artists, VENUE-artists, VENUE-venues.

A project based visualization example is
Thomas Walther Collection Artists Today
It shows for the past 90 years how influential some artists of the collection have been, taking into account that most of them have only been known to insiders 90 years ago, when the Thomas Walther collection was started.

Exhibition Statistics


An overview of the 100 artists with the highest number of exhibitions shows our Top 100 page.
You will find the number of solo- and group exhibitions, their total, number of exhibitions at galleries, museums, non-prfit and collector's venues, and the number of individual exhibitions venues where the artist's exhibitions took place.

Please contact us for any custom statistics related to exhibition statistics.
An interesting example is our survey Are Auctions a good place to buy Contemporary Art?

Exhibition History Summary


Each artist, exhibition venue, and curator exhbition history has a summary section to provied a quick overview and and first analytical insight.
All details can be found on artist-info Exhibition History Summary