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Exhibition AnnouncementsExhibition Announcement Services
Exhibition AnnouncementsAdvertise your Exhibition Event with our Exhibition Announcements.
Your Announcement is shown on four different pages:
- On the WHAT'S ON page- On exhibition venue's page- On all related artist pages- On all related curator pages.
You set up your Announcement with your text (max 1500 characters) and an image, or an embedded YouTube or vimeo video.
Your exhibition's artists and curators from your artist-info exhibition venue page are listed automatically in your Announcement.
Exhibition Announcements Exhibition AnnouncementsResearch and Analytics Service
Statistics and AnalyticsExhibitions are since many decades the most important media to show artwork to the public. See our selection on Blog Post 'Influential Contemporary Art Exhibitions in the 20th and 21st Century', each with the complete list of participating artists.
Analyzing with artist-info the Solo- and Group-Exhibition records of artists, exhibition venues, and curators is an important source of information. It helps to reveal a picture about the individual profile and value of an artist, and the concept and profile of an exhibition place. Top 100 Exhibition Statistics
The cross-linked exhibition records provide new insight into how artists are connected among each other, with curators, or exhibition places. is identifying, helping to explore and to develop the valuable connections.
Exhibition HistoryUpdate your Exhibition History
Exhibition History UpdateEscape the haystack of search engine results with our 'All Exhibitions Update' service..
Show your profile with all your exhibitions in a clear and simple structure with our exhibition history documentation. Our records start as early as 1890.
It helps in a unique way to show your valuable exhibitions profile, to discover, explore and develop the valuable connections between artists, curators and exhibition places.
Artwork Offers / RequestsArtwork Offers / Requests Service
Artwork OffersYour Artwork Offers or Artwork Requests are advertisements to sell artwork you own or to search artwork of a specific artist.
Your Artwork Offers or Requests are shown on three different pages:
- On the OFFERS AND REQUESTS page- On the related artist's page.- On the exhibition venue's page.
You get in direct touch with possible buyers. artist-info is not involved in any action between the person who offers and the person who is interested in or buying the artwork.
Artist PortfolioArtist Portfolio Service
Artist PortfolioArtist Portfolios add with text, up to 20 images and embedded YouTube or vimeo videos additional information to artist- info artist pages.
Checkout all Artist-Portfolios on the Artists with Portfolio page and discover new artwork.
More Services
Newsletter Service
Reach out to our worldwide audience by using our Newsletter Service and artist- info mailing list.
Send us your Press Release and an Image and we setup a custom newsletter for you.
See examples in our Newsletter Archive. Prices can be found in the Pricelist for Professional Users at the top of this page.
artist-info NEWSLETTER subscription.
Contact us for Banner Advertisement rates.

User Backend
'What's on Your Mind' to reach out to your contacts and their buddies.
Messages feature.
'Your Favorites' feature.
Buddies feature to reach other users. Request Updating Exhibition History (artists).
Manage Exhibition History (Galleries, Museums, Non-Profit, and Collector venues).